• Ariana Nash

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Updated: May 21, 2021

The fate of the world hinges on their shattered love. But can it be saved?

For as long as angels and demons have warred over London, battle lines have never been crossed and humans never hurt.

Now, everything has changed.

More powerful than ever, nothing can stop Mikhail's crusade of vengeance against the demon who betrayed him.

Trapped as an angel, Severn is running out of time. To regain his true form, he must retrieve his wings, but there's one problem: Mikhail. The guardian has Severn's wings gruesomely displayed in the broken City of Aerie, high above London. Weak and heartsick, Severn's power failing, he has no choice but to lie, cheat, and illusion his way back into Mikhail's cold heart or die trying.

Destiny thought them fated mates.

Was destiny wrong?


Reading order:

Primal Sin

Eternal Sin

Infernal Sin (coming soon!)

(ebook and paperback available).