• Ariana Nash

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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

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"You can have all of me for one night only. Say no, and I'll leave, but say yes and I'll give you a night you'll remember forever."

As one of the few remaining elven assassins, Eroan Ilanea doesn't have much time for pleasure. Until a messenger arrives from a nearby village and suddenly pleasure is all he can think about. The kind of pleasure he's never surrendered to before. The messenger is a tease, a vision of elicit delights, and he'll be gone in the morning.

This night, Eroan just might say yes...

Sealed with a Kiss is a short, sexy, m/m story that takes places several years before events in the novel Silk & Steel

Genre: Dark fantasy Heat level: Scorching

Pages: 42 Read-time: 20 minutes.

Ariana Nash is a pen name of international bestselling author Pippa DaCosta. Her Ariana Nash books are m/m adult reads.

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