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Forgive Me series - OUT NOW

Updated: Jan 28

"Nobody was that saintly. Not even Father Frances Scott. Stanmore Boys Home didn’t churn out real angels, just broken ones like Vitari.”

Father Francis Scott knows he’s damned, but at twenty-four years old, he has a lifetime to make up for past mistakes. Newly ordained, he’s determined to clean the stain off his soul, one day at a time.

Until an angel walks into his church, asking Francis to take his confession. One look into Vitari (Angel) Angelini’s eyes, and it’s clear, the man is made of sin.

Francis can’t afford any more mistakes. Unfortunately, the world Angel is about to pull Francis into leaves no room for good men, and as Francis is swept into the dark underworld of organized crime, his love of the Church, his broken soul, and all the sins he’s been running from, conspire to break him.

Will Vitari Angelini be his savior, or the final bullet in the gun of Francis’s downfall?


Angel has no idea why he’s been sent to England, other than to stakeout a priest for Italy’s most notorious mob boss. He hadn’t expected Father Francis Scott to be so young, or for him to be sinfully hot in his black cassock. He also hadn’t expected the priest’s haunted eyes to be filled with secrets.

But when a rival criminal syndicate get the drop on Angel, almost executing Francis under Angel's watch, kidnapping the priest seems like the next best option. Now they’re on the run, barely one step ahead of assassins who think nothing of crossing countries and continents to track them.

Why are the Russian and Italian mafia so desperate to get their hands on Father Francis Scott? And why does Angel care?

As they race to stay alive, Angel can’t shake the feeling there’s more to all of this than one not-so-innocent priest. And as the truth of their terrible pasts collide, so do their forbidden desires.

Not all angels have wings. Some have horns. And Father Francis Scott deserves forgiveness, even if it costs Angel everything. Including his life.


If you’re in my Facebook group you’ll know that the long-awaited Forgive Me is happening.

This is a mafia enforcer / priest MM dark thriller with a romantic sub plot. But it’s different from me as it’s not a fantasy. It still has my signature angst, action, dark themes, and a whole lot of twisty turns. As it’s contemporary (it takes place now), there are triggers that need to be taken seriously.

Triggers in fantasy can be distanced as it’s a fantasy world, but when the world we’re immersed in is all around us, triggering content can land differently.

One of the reasons I’ve waited so long to write Forgive Me is its content. It was always going to be difficult to write, and controversial. I do not shy away from the details. This book has graphic content. It deals with themes of physical and sexual child abuse (not on page), homophobia, homophobic hate, alcohol and drug use, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, and in some parts, it’s difficult to read. (It was difficult to write too, but necessary). As one of the main characters is a young priest, there are also themes of religion and his struggle with that. If you're looking for a light read, and you believe religion can do no wrong, this is NOT the book for you.

While Forgive Me, its characters and scenarios are completely fictional, the abuse the characters suffer is, for some, very real. If you have been a victim of abuse, please remember you are loved, and please ask for help if you need it.

One of the places that has great supportive content is

As for our characters, they will, of course, get their happy ending. As all of us should.

Ruin Me, Forgive Me #2

After events in Venezuela, Father Francis Scott’s soul is beyond saving.

If he’s damned, then he’s going to drag those who deserve it to Hell with him, starting with the men behind the horrible events of Stanmore Boys home. But as Francis searches for answers, it soon becomes clear some secrets will fight to stay dead. If Francis doesn’t stop stirring up old ghosts, he’ll be among them.

Overwhelmed, hunted, and afraid for his life, there’s only one place he can go, only one man he can turn to. The man of many sins, the man Francis killed for, the man who showed him what it means to be free. Vitari (Angel) Angelini.


Vitari cannot afford to put a single step wrong. He just needs to keep his head down, and do what he’s good at—be L’ Angelo della Morte for his father.

He’s doing just fine until rumors of a contract reach him. The target? A priest. It can’t be Father Francis Scott. Francis is far away in England, safe from the mafia and protected by forces high above Vitari’s pay grade.

But too much from his time with Francis remains unanswered, and when it becomes clear the contract is for Francis’s life, Vitari must act.

He wasn’t supposed to see Francis again. What happened in Venezuela couldn’t follow them home, but now Francis is in Rome, exactly where he shouldn’t be, and the moment Vitari sees him again, he knows he’ll give up everything for Francis. Lose what’s left of his soul for him.

Die for him.

He'll save Father Francis Scott, even if it ruins him.


Please note: the Forgive Me series is set mostly in Europe but has been written and edited in American English. Some English and European phrases and spelling remain as part of the character of the work.

What to expect: Forgive Me is a contemporary MM with forbidden love, opposites attract, enemies to lovers romance, that takes place over several books. There is high heat, and the romance develops over the series.


The third and final book in the outstanding mafia/priest MM Forgive Me series.

Vitari Angelini knows selling a cache of Battaglia guns to a drug lord is not what Francis would call legal, but he’ll never find out. Besides, it’s for a good cause: Francis’s happy ever after. Happy endings aren’t for the likes of Vitari, and with his fake death recently exposed, it’s a matter of time before his father sends assassins.

But when the gun deal goes wrong, blowing their cover, all thoughts of a happy ending turn to dust in a desperate dash for the Colombian border.

The net is closing, there’s nowhere left to run, Colombia is not the place to hide when you’re the son of the notorious mafia don, and on top of everything… Francis has a secret.

A secret that will change their futures.

A secret that has Vitari wondering… whose side is Francis on?


Francis hoped Panama would be a fresh start. Again. But Vitari’s not interested in settling down or trying to blend in. Whatever he’s doing that keep him away most nights, it’s definitely illegal.

Then there’s the issue of the phone call … Francis should tell Vitari, but a confession like his might end them.

Thoughts of a future soon take a back seat when they’re hunted out of Panama and Vitari is taken for ransom. The mafia life they’ve tried to run from is not going to let them go.

If ever there was a time to fight for love, it’s now. But to save Vitari, Francis is going to have to be everything he fears, and secretly desires. There are few men more dangerous than one on the road to Hell.

Giancarlo and the Battaglia, Sasha and the DeSica… They’re about to wish they’d never met a once-naive English priest.

Because Father Francis Scott will go to Hell to save his angel.



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