• Ariana Nash

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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

In the war-torn rubble of the human world, can a rebel elf and a lost dragon prince find love, or will a dark threat tear them and their world apart forever?

Sell-sword, drifter, lover, rogue — Zane is all those things. Known as the "Red Devil" by fellow elves, Zane will do almost anything for coin. With two exceptions:

Zane doesn't do love and he doesn't do dragons.

Always moving on, moving forward, leaving a trail of broken blades and hearts in his wake.

It's not such a bad life for an elf. Better than the rest of his kin, living under the rule and whims of the dragon king, Luceran.

Zane would have passed right through the reclaimed human city of Bayston, just like always, if not for one thing:

King Luceran has a new toy. A male he parades at court. A dragon with eyes of gold and scales as black as night.

But now, moving on is the farthest thought from Zane's mind. Because Luceran's new toy is not like the others. And maybe, just maybe, this terrible, beautiful beast, has the answer to a war that's raged for centuries and the key to unlocking Zane's restless heart.

Zane doesn't do love, and he doesn't do dragons.

But with the arrival of the Black Prince, everything is about to change.


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The Black Prince is part of the Silk & Steel world. It can be read as a standalone.

Please note: This novel contains a m/m love story and adult content including references to self-harm and post-rape trauma. The Black Prince is intended for mature readers.