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Guaranteed a supernaturally safe stay!

(Definitely no murders)

A scandalous, ex-porn star demon and a morally shady, billionaire vampire walk into a bar…

But this is no joke. It’s opening day at the SOS Hotel, and that lust demon? He’s my business partner. I know. What was I thinking? The sexy, suave vampire however? He’s something else…

Creating a sanctuary for the supernaturals left here when the tear in the veil sealed was always going to be difficult, but it’s all I have, and I’m going to make it work. Despite the murders, the missing humans, and the psychotic real estate mogul who wants to bulldoze the hotel…

The SOS Hotel must thrive whatever the cost. Because if it fails, I’ll lose everything. Including my life.

My name is Adam. I’m just the boring human who works here, and I absolutely, definitely do not have any secrets.

Welcome to the SOS Hotel. What can possibly go wrong?

Warning: SOS Hotel contains explicit language, situations, and content that some readers may find uncomfortable. For full warnings, please see the author's website or the paperback "look inside sample".



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