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Updated: May 30, 2023

After a vicious storm delivers Eroan and Lysander's battered ship to the new world, where elves are in power and dragons must follow the law, the peace seems almost too good to be true.

Until Lysander ends up on the wrong side of those laws, and discovers the real reason Eroan brought him half way around the world: The brother he thought was dead, is very much alive.


Akiem is missing. Zane fears he knows why.

The infamous assassin Eroan Ilanea and his dragon, Lysander, did not come in peace. They came to upset everything Zane and Akiem have created, and for revenge.

Zane isn't about to let them hurt Akiem. He'll stand for his dragon, and for what's right, even if he doesn't stand a chance, because love is always worth fighting for.


Lysander and Eroan, Akiem and Zane. They'll fight for each other, and for love. But now their love faces its hardest test yet.

Will they overcome the horrors of their past to fight for a better future or will Akiem's past (and the truth of who he really is) be too terrible to forgive?


Reunion is a 25,000 word novella set in the Silk & Steel world. It should be read after the main novels in the series, including The Black Prince, Silk & Steel #4

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