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The Jailor series - OUT NOW

Updated: May 30, 2023

Monsters are made, not born...

Most called him the Jailor. Some called him a monster. If he had a name, nobody had survived meeting him long enough to tell it. They said he sat atop a mound of skulls and marked each death on his throne, like notches on a bedpost. Some tales told of how he had wings as dark as night, and of how he wore a crown of razor wire woven around four horns.

Dante had heard all the stories before.

The only tale he cared for was the one that said the jailor could bleed. If the jailor could bleed, then he could die, and Dante was going to be the one to finally kill him.

This is the story of how all those tales were wrong. And so was Dante.


Dante's Outcast

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The second book in this epic dark gay fantasy.

More magic, more passion, and more secrets revealed in a world far larger than Havok or Dante could have imagined.

From a prison of ice to one of iron. When a showman, working for the Crimson Lord, traps Havok in a cage and puts him among other monsters in his traveling carnival, it's not long before Havok fights back.

Havok knows he's destined for greater things, but the truth of his past and what it means for his future remains hidden in jumbled memories. Havok needs Dante, the one man who sees through lies... The man he hated, and loved. The man he sent away to save him.


Dante is on a fools mission. Find the Crimson Lord, save Havok and Lenola from the ice, but how? The world he discovers beyond Lenola's mountains is very different from the one he grew up in and he's ill-equipped to navigate its pitfalls and horrors.

The farther from Havok he finds himself, the more he regrets leaving the impossible, frustrating, and fascinating riddle that is Havok behind. While torn between his mission for the truth and returning to Havok's side, he finds himself ensnared in the Crimson Lord's scheming.

That is, until a carnival of monsters comes to town...

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