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  • Ariana Nash

Buy Solo (Primal Sin #3.5) from Amazon

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

How far will he fall for love?

Samiel has escaped. It's up to Solo to track him down and return him to the enclosures to await Mikhail and Konstantin's punishment.

But Solo's only lead is the one demon no angel can trust—the one demon Solo can't resist—the incubus High Lord Luxen.

Luxen has offered to help. On one condition: Solo sets him free.

Dare he trust the notorious, manipulative demon lord? Can he trust himself not to succumb to the desires Luxen summons within him? There's only one way to find out.


Solo takes place after the Primal Sin trilogy of books, and must be read after Infernal Sin to avoid series spoilers.

Please note: Solo is not in Kindle Unlimited

Series Reading Order:

Primal Sin

Eternal Sin

Infernal Sin

Solo (novella)

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