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Blackrose Brotherhood series ~ Books #1 - #3 OUT NOW!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Violent Desire

Twelve immortals, twelve outcasts, one mission.
To kill their own kind, before it’s too late.

Detective, killer, vigilante. Eric Sharpe is tired of watching criminals walk free. When a lowlife drug dealer kills his partner and escapes justice, Eric plots his own revenge. His plan is faultless but for one thing: the handsome, mysterious man who arrives moments before Eric’s plan comes to fruition. Not only does the mysterious man know Eric’s an undercover cop, he knows exactly what Eric did fifteen years ago—an event so traumatic Eric has been trying to bury it ever since. And the mysterious man? Fifteen years ago, Eric killed him.
Now he’s back to reclaim what’s his: Detective Eric Sharpe.

Immortal, predator, vampire. After betraying himself and the Blackrose Brotherhood fifty years ago, Zaine can’t afford another mistake. There’s one rule above all others the Brotherhood stand by. One rule that can never be broken. Never, ever care. All Zaine has to do is hunt and kill the savage nyktelios vampires and keep his head down. And he was doing just fine until he saved Detective Eric Sharpe from a vicious vampire attack. He can’t stop thinking about the intelligent, handsome, haunted man. Walking away is the right thing to do, but the detective and Zaine are hunting the same killer—a vampire who knows more about both of them and the Brotherhood than anyone realizes.

A vampire seeking to bring down the Brotherhood for good.

Zaine can’t walk away. Eric won’t walk away. The vampire must be stopped, Brotherhood rules be damned, and they’ll go down fighting together to end him.


Violent Desire is the first book in an all-new MM paranormal romance series. Each book features a new gay couple ending in a HEA/HFN.

Content notice: These are adult books with dark content. These vampires do not sparkle. They're relentless in their mission. They do bad things for good reasons, and some do good things for terrible reasons. They DO NOT CARE. The members of the brotherhood have been described as psychopaths with fangs.

For content warning, see the Goodreads description.

Page count: Approximately 360 paperback pages.

Violent Mistake

Internet sensation Kazimir Skokan, is loved around the world for his luxury photoshoots and envious lifestyle. But Felix Quaid has never hated a man more. Ex-investigative journalist turned true-crime podcaster, Felix knows something is off with playboy Kazi. From the late-night back-alley meetings to the people around him who later vanish, behind Kazimir’s flashy smile, he’s rotten to his core. Not to mention rumors of darker, dangerous, some-say supernatural occurrences around Kazimir. Felix even has photos to prove it.

But the last time he tried to expose Kazimir Skokan, his story was inexplicably shut down, taking Felix’s career as a journalist with it. Kazimir owes him the truth. And Felix is going to make sure the whole world knows it.


Kazi has new orders. Kill Felix Quaid. The Blackrose brotherhood leader, Mikalis, is never wrong. But in this, Kazi disagrees. Sure, Quaid is a pest, perhaps even a stalker, but no more than any other overzealous fan. Still, what Mikalis wants, Mikalis gets. And what’s another dead meat-bag to Kazi anyway? He stopped caring who lived and who died long ago.

Making Quaid disappear should have been easy. But in Quaid’s final, crucial moments, a pack of cult members kidnap them both, mistaking Quaid for a member of the brotherhood. Now, trapped together, their time running out, Kazi must work with Quaid if they’re to survive the insane Nyx-worshipping acolytes.

But as soon as they escape, Mikalis’s orders will still stand: Quaid must die.

Kazi thought he’d long ago given up on caring who lived and who died. Apparently, he was wrong…

Violent Demand, Blackrose Brotherhood #3

Cast out and hunted by the Brotherhood, Octavius is on borrowed time. He has one chance to prove his innocence, one chance to put things right, before Mikalis hunts him down and executes him.

He must find Saint.

But the Brotherhood member-turned-nyk whom they all seem to fear, is unlikely to make it easy. Still, Octavius has nothing left to lose. He will recapture Saint, or die trying.


Saint has seen it all. He doesn't care why or how he was freed from the Brotherhood's captivity. He just wants to gorge and f*ck his way toward the impending apocalypse. Is that too much to ask?

The Brotherhood member that's following him? The quick, vicious, but curiously alluring one with a shock of white hair? He doesn't matter to Saint. If he gets too close, Saint will finish him. Because the last thing Saint wants or needs is to get dragged back behind bars. If that happens, this time, with everything he knows about their fearless leader, Mikalis, Saint will tear the Brotherhood apart.

Octavius needs to stay away for his own good, because if Saint catches him, he just might teach him what it truly means to be nyktelios. And how the Brotherhood has been lied to for millennia.

Besides, what does it matter, when none of them have long left to live...


Please note: while each book in the Blackrose Brotherhood series focuses on a new MM couple (this book is MMM), there is an over-arching series plot. Readers will get much more enjoyment from the series by reading the previous two books first.



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