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  • Ariana Nash

Trigger Warnings for Fool Me Once - see below

The king of the Court of Love wants me dead, the queen wants me in her bed, and the prince… He wants the only piece of me I will never surrender.

They call me jester, dancer, trickster, lover.

I exist to entertain.

But behind my sideways smiles, my quick hands and magicians tricks, I trade in their lies, their secrets. I know their deepest desires, their wicked schemes. Their sins are my currency.

The Court of Love is a card castle, and I hold the card that’s about to bring it all down.

And they say I’m the fool…


Fool Me Once is a dark MM fantasy brimming with courtly spice, morally ambiguous anti-heroes, and a fool who plays them all.

This is a dark world with adult MM content.

Potentially triggering content includes but is not limited to: attempted suicide (main character), incest (non-consensual, off-page, not between main characters), dubious consent (main characters), knife play (main characters), revenge sex (main character, off-page).

Assume triggers are on-page, unless off-page is specified above.

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